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HTTP Toolkit: an HTTP (S) traffic analysis tool

5 Jan 2022 | News

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HTTP Toolkit is a tool for analyzing and testing HTTP and HTTPS traffic, which allows you to intercept,  analyze or modify it.

The growing adoption of increasingly distributed architectures (such as microservices), and of the consequent surrounding technologies, has made it indispensable for many developers the need to analyze network traffic . Tools like Wireshark or Postman are therefore the daily bread for many programmers dealing with backend or frontend applications.

This article will briefly introduce the features of another very interesting tool: HTTP Toolkit .

HTTP Toolkit: features and functionality

HTTP Toolkit is a tool that allows you to analyze HTTP and HTTPS traffic , giving its users the ability to intercept requests, modify them, pause them or create new ones. It is supported by all major operating systems ( Windows , macOS and Linux ), and is capable of identifying all outgoing HTTP traffic from various software running on the system.

HTTP Toolkit exists in a free and open source version which includes many features, as well as the possibility of obtaining a paid Pro version, which adds further advanced features.

At the first launch of the application, we are asked to select the sources from which to collect traffic, including browser, terminal or even Android devices .


Once the source has been selected, all the requests will be displayed in the HTTP Toolkit interface, which can be selected and modified.

toolkit screeshot

From this interface, it is possible to customize all the request headers, and eventually send a new one. Alternatively, it is also possible to pause the sending of the request, modifying it before it is actually forwarded to the server.

In addition to these features, the Pro version also allows you to define HTTP request flows , in which a series of subsequent requests can be generated based on the responses obtained from previous requests. It is also possible to forward requests to other servers , and many other features that can be explored by taking a look at the official website .

How to get the HTTP Toolkit

To get the HTTP Toolkit, simply download it via the official site . As already mentioned, the software is available for several platforms, and it’s free. The Pro version can be obtained for the cost of 7 euros per month, which goes up to 11 if you want the version dedicated to teams.


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