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Microsoft Edge introduces a new security feature

7 Dec 2021 | News

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Microsoft has announced the introduction of new security features on Microsoft Edge – here’s an overview.

Microsoft continues to update its browser, Microsoft Edge , by announcing some new security features regarding password management. In this article we will try to explain what they consist of.

Microsoft Edge and credential monitoring

For some time now, Microsoft’s browser has been implementing a monitoring feature that warned users in the event that the login credentials to a particular website were at risk (for example due to a massive theft of passwords due to a hacker attack. ). Thanks to this new update, the browser implements an additional step, directing users directly to the password change page of the particular service targeted by the attack.

The new feature is currently only available for select sites, but Microsoft says it is working to extend it to many other services as well, with plans to expand in the coming months.

How the new security feature works on Microsoft Edge

If any of your saved credentials are compromised or need to be updated, you will now be able to update your passwords with a single click, via the Passwords section of the Microsoft Edge Settings page , by selecting the edit option displayed next to the credentials to update .

This will redirect the user directly to the password change page for the account in question. Using the password generator , Microsoft Edge will allow you to generate a new secure password , memorizing it and continuing to monitor any risks that may arise.

Edge improvements

With the introduction of this and many other new features, Microsoft Edge continues to be surprisingly reliable, and the move to Chromium has also allowed it to go cross-platform. Just like other software of this type, Edge is in fact available on Windows operating system (8, 10 and 11), but also on macOS and Linux operating system.

The new security feature described above will be available on all supported platforms, although, as mentioned, it will temporarily be limited to a few sites.

Source: Softpedia

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